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"KENT WEBER, MARK FREELAND, my God, I idolized those guys."gallo says GALLO, whose obsession with both PEGASUS musicians grew out of a childhood fascination with prog-rock of the '70s."


Rebel without a pause. The non-stop, out-there life of actor VINCENT GALLO.

from Lauri Githens for the BUFFALO NEWS


"(MARK) FREELAND and KENT WEBER. Those were the guys who johnnygooreally taught me a lot of what I know."


GOO GOO DOLLS - from Steven Berketo for Extreme Zine

"I thought FREELAND was god, Him and

JOHN RZEZNIK,  Artvoice interview  7/1/2004

"KENT WEBER is in my opinion the best bass player in Western New York. His attitude, style and creativity- he's an old school rock n' roller, a lot like our style, but he adds a new dimension. The whole group has evolved since he joined. Kent's the foundation".
BOB RICH III,   Gusto, 6/24/2005

"There are so many bands who, despite their sound or talent on an album, are completely unmemorable to watch live. We are left with mostly nostalgia and video memories of times when groups took pride in the complete experience they brought to the stage. In a time when a plethora of bands have ignored their relationships or connections to their audiences, KENT WEBER has mastered the art of the "whole show".

From his solid, masterful control of the beat to his always unique style, he brings any stage to life. Like a chameleon, he looks as natural in a tailored three piece suit with bow in hand, as he does in tight striped pants and fitted t-shirt with his bright blue bass slung at his hip. I've never encountered another musician who is able to combine years of diverse experience with the youthful vibe of a hip rock n' roller.

A band couldn't ask for more in a bassist than KENT WEBER gives. He's a master at being thrown into a pre-existing band and instantly taming the low end rhythm's. He brings a musical strength and cohesiveness to bands, while knowing just where that warm growling beat will create the perfect mix of tension and smooth release; an almost subliminal drama felt in your gut completely weaving you into the songs.

Always dressed to the nines, KENT is so versatile that he can play his upright at an evening jazz performance at the art museum, and, like Clark Kent becoming Superman, slide straight into a club at midnight for a blowout-your-ears punk show, bringing one word to mind: transformer - more than meets the eye.

STEPHANIE CASSIDY(artist/writer)

ascap member