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♦♦♦scroll over instruments to see photos♦♦♦

Aria 5020 Bass (1971)
Harmony H-22 Bass (1967)
Rickenbacker 4003 bass w/Joe Barden pickups(2010)
Warmoth fretless Jazzbass - w/Joe Barden pickups & Hipshot hardware (2008)
Gibson Midland Bass(2013)
Gibson Les Paul Bass - w/Lace Alumitone pickups & Hipshot tremolo bridge(1994)
Fender Coronado II Bass (1966)
Fender Deluxe Jaguar bass w/Joe Barden pickups (2011)
Fender Customshop 5 string Jazzbass ( 1997/made by John Suhr)
Fender/Squire James Johnson Jazzbass- w/Joe Barden pickups 2012
Fender acoustic/electric fretless Precision ( 1992 )
Fender American Standard 5 string Jazzbass ( 2000 )
Fender Kingman acoustic bass (2011)
Fender Antigua Precision Bass (2012)
Fender Precision Elite( 1983 )
Di Pinto Belvedere Standard Goldtop ( 2003 )
Epiphone Thunderbird IV Classic Bass ( 2013 )
Epiphone EB-3 ( 2002 )
Hofner Beatle bass ( 1970 )
Hofner Club bass (2008)
Hamer 12 String Bass w/ Lace Alumitone pickups (1990)

G.A. Pfretzschner 3/4 Flatback ( late 1800's ), w/ Fishman Full Circle pickup
Framus 3/4 plywood upright bass (1950's)
Cremora 3/4 plywood bass w/ Realist pickup (2001 Korean)
Palatino VE-500 electric upright bass (2008)
Palatino VE-500 electric upright bass (2009)

Fender Telecaster ( 1963 ! )
Danelectro 56/U2 ( 1998 )
Guild F-15CE acoustic
Ovation Custom Balladeer 12 string
Hohner HD-12 12 string

Gallien-Krueger  2000RB
Gallien-Krueger  1001RBmkII
Gallien-Krueger MB800
Gallien-Krueger MB2 500
Gallien-Krueger MB212mkII
Gallien-Krueger  MB150e (112)
Crest  LT2000 power amplifier                                                     

Gallien-Krueger PLEX preamp pedal                                             Alembic  F-1X  preamplifier
Tech 21 Sans Amp Paradriver DI
Fishman Pro-EQ Platinum series bass pre-amp

Gallien-Krueger Neo 412
Gallien-Krueger  Neo 212
Gallien-Krueger 112mbx
SWR  Goliath Senior
Eden  410XLT
Eden  Cxm-112
Eden D112XLT NEO
Eden D112XLT8
Hartke  4.5XL

Aphex  Bass xciter  &  Acoustic xciter
MXR M87 Bass Compressor
MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe
MXR Phase 90 Phaser
Boss  TU-2, OC-2, OC-3, Hypermetal, CE-2B, CE-3B
Snark tuners
Morley  Pro Series Bass Wah II
EBS  Multi-Comp
Alesis DEQ-830 digital 31 band equalizer
Rocktron Midi pedal
Digitech  Bass Whammy II
Digitech  Bass Synth/Wah
Whirlwind  A/B box

- collection also including various Mu-Tron, Korg, Boss, BBE, Electro-Harmonix,Univox, Line 6, DOD, Lexicon, Yamaha, Electro-Voice, Behringer, Alesis & Zoom pedals, effects & processors

Apple  Computers
Moog  Taurus Bass Pedals  ( version 1 )
Multivox MX450 Bass Pedals
Yamaha  CX1x Synthesizer
Avalon  U5
Tascam DR-100mkII PCM Recorder
Tascam  CD-BT1mkII
Fender & Meisel Stands
SKB  cases
LeCover  Speaker Covers
Mooradian  Upright covers
Monster Cables
GHS,  D'Addario,  Elixer, Fender strings
Dunlop  picks
Sony  headphones

Wrona House of Violins (Mikey & Glen)
Paul Mordaunt (Top Shelf Music)
Guitar Center (Mike Doktor)
Lou Mang
Paul Marko/Download
Doug Dombrowski & Bruce Moser / Could Be Wild, 41 Records
GCR Recording Studio (Justin Rose & Robby Takac)

Allison Nielson (my stylist!) -Santangalo

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